Transitioning to Farm Life

imageI’ve had such an extremely quiet blog, but it’s been for a good reason. In following our hearts’ desires, we have gone to extreme measures in the past 6 months in putting up our home for sale, selling our home, quitting our jobs, and moving across the country to have access to acrage for a small homestead!  I really do hope to chronical our adventures well and to share all the things I am learning.

We are currently still trasitioning in to our new home, and it will be a process over the next few months since there are things we need to fix up (and unpack!), but since it is Spring, we are planning on getting started with some fun things like:

  • Baby chicks for laying hens in the fall
  • Baby goats to get started on having milk next year and meat
  • And of course, lots of experiements going on in the kitchen, as always!

On to rolling hills and green pastures!


2 thoughts on “Transitioning to Farm Life

    1. Even though our before photos aren’t that great, I think a dramatic difference will still be noted! I can’t wait to take all the “after” pictures!

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